Queen Elizabeth's
Queen Elizabeth's

The British press published the fact that the British royal family had contracted the Corona virus, and Buckingham Palace announced the Queen Elizabeth had met Prince Charles with Corona a few days ago.

In this context, the British Royal Palace announced that the British Crown Prince, Prince Charles, was infected with the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

According to the palace’s announcement, Queen Elizabeth last met Prince Charles on March 12, shortly before he could have been a carrier of the infection.

It is worth noting that the Crown Prince of Britain, Prince Charles, underwent a new infection with the Corona virus, which had a positive result, and that he is now in his palace in Scotland and is subject to quarantine accompanied by his wife, whose test result was negative.

On the other hand, the British Royal Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth is still in good health,

According to a Reuters health report, the Royal Palace issued a statement saying: "Crown Prince Prince Charles conducted a test to detect his infection with the Corona virus, and it turned out to be positive. After the health examination, it was found that he had mild symptoms."

And the statement continued, saying: "The wife of Prince Duchess of Cornwall has a negative result while they are in isolation in their palace in Scotland."