Details of the assault on a Pakistani expatriate
Details of the assault on a Pakistani expatriate

We publish the following details of the attack on an expatriate Pakistani national, which is the following details:

A Pakistani uber-it-driver has been serving uber-it-themed food on an electric motorcycle in myrtle Avenue and Broadway Brooklyn for several days at around 2:30 p.m. She was seriously injured and escaped from the scene.
According to the details, 54-year-old Mohammed Mutalib was delivering food at Uber Eat as usual. He was standing at a traffic light on Myrtle Street and Broadway in Brooklyn during the handover. In the meantime, he looked back as usual. A 24-year-old man and twenty-five-year-old coming from behind. Muhammad looked long back and then began to look forward again. Do you see? Mohamed Matal told him that he had never been seen, he had a misunderstanding and after the attack the attacker managed to escape and left Mohamed Matal addicted to blood, and this cannot be ruled out.
"When I wanted to call an ambulance, I saw my phone covered in blood and it couldn't be a phone call," Hemal told Urdu News. Geer called 911 on the phone, after which an ambulance and police arrived. The scene was taken to the Lutheran Hospital, where his wounds were stitched and immediate medical attention was provided.
"I don't understand why the attacker targeted me," Mohamed Masal told Urdu News. When I looked at him, I didn't look at him, Mohammed Matal said that he could no longer work while he was injured and would rest at home according to the instructions of the doctors and wait for his recovery. "I hope the NYPD will arrest and prosecute the assailant," he said.