The discovery of a new virus in China caused the victims, and the source of the new virus was rodents, including mice.

A Chinese citizen from Yunnan Province died after being infected with the "Hanta" virus, the Chinese "Global Times" website said on Tuesday.

The death of the Chinese citizen has raised fears of a new epidemic, especially with the crisis the world is witnessing as a result of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which has infected more than 300 thousand people and killed more than 15 thousand others in the world.

As the world fights the Coronavirus (COFED-19) virus that erupted in late December from the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread to the world as a global epidemic, renewed emergence of dead viruses in the same city with the death of a Chinese man from another contagious virus

According to the First Post, the Chinese Global Times published details of the death of a man from Wuhan, China, while riding a mass transit to return to his home in Shandong Province, on Monday, and after examining him, he found that he had a new virus called Huntavirus

The Chinese man transmitted the infection to 32 people who took the same bus with him, and analyzes were carried out that proved positive in carrying the disease, which raised fears in China and abroad about the outbreak of a new epidemic that killed the infected city Wuhan in China

According to the Chinese news magazine, the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that Hanta viruses are a group of viruses that mainly spread by rodents, including mice, and can cause various diseases in people, such as pneumonia syndrome due to Hanta virus (HPS). Fever, and Failure (HFRS)

The disease is not transmitted through the air, but it can spread to people only if they come into contact with urine, stool and saliva of rodents, and it is not transmitted from one person to another, and this is why caution must be exercised against rodents and not approach or touch them.

A person with a Hanta virus feels flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, fever, muscle aches, as well as headache, dizziness, chills, and abdominal pain. If a person does not receive treatment, he may develop a cough and shortness of breath which may be fatal. Percentage of infected people according to the CDC

Among the serious symptoms of this virus are also: a sharp decrease in the pressure of the body, leakage of blood vessels and acute kidney failure, which makes it different from the current Corona virus because it does not transmit from person to person, which makes the chances of infection with it less. According to the CDC, the control of numbers Rodents are the primary strategy for preventing Hanta virus infection

The Hanta virus is not dangerous, especially since it had previously spread in China several years ago, this is not the first infection, and the Corona virus is the most dangerous due to the rapid spread and transmission of infection between people, which made some of the countries prepare to face it around the world as if it were a war.