Corona virus
Corona virus

A father and son message from inside the isolation hospital: Corona transferred to my son ... Please leave you at home.

"Extra News" channel showed a video clip of an Egyptian citizen, from inside the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia, who carries the "Corona" virus, sending a message to citizens about the virus and the necessity of being at home.

And he said, "Citizen" during the video that was shown: My name is "Mohamed Al-Nashawati" and I work as a tour guide, and I was accompanying a German tourist with coronavirus without symptoms.

He continued: When I returned, I had a very cold cold and I went to the doctor who led me for a treatment, but I did not need anything.

He added: By saying to all fathers and mothers that the matter in our country is national security, and we must prepare for this stage, and if we committed ourselves and stayed at home, we would prepare the danger