Residency Affairs announces new fines will be imposed on residents whose residency expired on 1 September

No new extension to visitors and campaign to target violators

Kuwait.. Imposing a fine of two dinars per day on residents have ended residency on 1 September

Statement from Dubai residence regarding automatic termination of transactions

Kuwaiti decision regarding resident children violating residency

Renewal of expatriate residency according to these conditions

Obtain approval from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship upon arrival at Dubai Airport

Annabella Hilal gets golden residency in the Emirates

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Dubai Agreement to implement the cultural visa initiative

A statement from the Kuwaiti Civil Aviation to re-enter the arrivals from the banned countries

More than 300 Pakistanis suspended on visit visas at Dubai airport

Stop extending passports of Egyptians in Kuwait

Lower rents in distinct resident areas

Deadline for exemption for violating the residency law will expire on 17 November

Dubai denies strict entry rules for five nationalities

Education refuses to renew the residency of 200 Egyptian teachers and administrators outside the country

Kuwait is deporting 70 expatriates, and their names are on the lists of unauthorized entry

Crisis of 140 thousand expatriates in Kuwait

Kuwait .. Residency violations are a headache that requires treatment

Dubai denies banning entry to five nationalities from Dubai International Airport

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