Kuwait.. A trend to raise the list of 32 banned countries

Kuwait ... Meteorology reveals details of tomorrow's weather

No new extension to visitors and campaign to target violators

Speaker of the National Assembly in Kuwait : The government asked to postpone Tuesday's session due to parliamentary injuries from "Corona"

Civil aviation decision to seize arrivals from banned countries in Kuwait

Kuwait.. Imposing a fine of two dinars per day on residents have ended residency on 1 September

The Cabinet announces the priority of return of 10 categories of expatriates to Kuwait

A proposal to allow expatriates of the 34 banned countries to travel to Kuwait directly without transit

Kuwait.. Disagreement between parliament and the workforce on salaries for expatriate workers

Adding 3 new countries to the list of countries prohibited from entering Kuwait

Kuwait.. Kuwaitization of new jobs in education and endowments

Kuwait.. Canceling hundreds of passports

Kuwait.. Opening loans again to residents

Kuwait.. Violations were seized in Al Furwaniyah and Hawalli

Kuwait.. Minister of Health takes a Corona swab

Kuwaiti Civil Aviation requests reducing the quarantine to 7 days

Opening the airport kuwaiti completely upon arrival of the vaccine

Kuwait.. The new fines law increases fines by up to 1000%

Kuwait reveals the operational plan to return commercial flights

Kuwait.. 52 cases of corona among university employees

A significant increase in cases of recovery from Corona virus in Kuwait

Kuwait.. Financial aid for 747 families from March to August

Planning to send 100 thousand Pakistani workers to Kuwait

Kuwait ... Arrival of 116 stranded Indian nurses