UAE announces drug medicine for Corona virus, promising results

Warnings about fake job offers messages on WhatsApp

A mandatory health decision for all health facility workers

Kuwaiti authorities send an urgent invitation to all citizens and residents to return to normal life

A new jump in cases of corona infections

Bahrain.. Injuring 57 of the medical staff with Corona virus

502 new cases of corona, 213 cures and 8 deaths

Emiratisation calls on the private sector not to end the service of the person infected with corona

Urgent.. Dozens of Egyptians injured in Kuwait by Corona

An initiative to exempt tenants from rents for three months under Corona pandemic

UAE affirms its commitment to fighting Corona and protecting the rights of all citizens, residents and visitors

Update on movement restrictions in Dubai starting today

Mohamed bin Zayed directs a free examination for citizens and residents

Urgent instructions from the President of the State to exempt all violators from residency fines

Unprecedented measures in preparation for the post Corona virus crisis

An initiative to fully pay the debts of these categories

Safaa Al-Hashem greets the Minister of Municipality for the decision to stop appointing expatriates

World Health Organization warns Europe of a deadly second wave of Corona

Corona virus Bulletin in UAE

Salaries of federal government employees are on time till now

Ticket prices increase when flights resume

Announcing new fines for violators in the UAE due to Corona

Good news.. Success of the American vaccine for corona virus

The first scientific discovery completely kills Corona