Kuwait | Life returns to normal soon and cancel curfew

The House of Representatives rejects any prejudice to the wages of workers in the private sector

Interior Minister : We hope life will gradually return after Eid Al-Fitr and end of the whole ban

Source.. The municipality sets grocery and delivery hours for limited hours

Exempting all violators of the residence law from all fines incurred by them

New recommendations to the Council of Ministers.. Cancel the two hours of walking and ending the school year

An initiative to fully pay the debts of these categories

Deduction for ending the school year until July

The workforce adds the final cancellation of travel to government projects workers

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Civil Service.. Front Row Rewards for Corona Virus Control

The Council of Ministers announces a plan to revive life on Thursday

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Expired residency status for expats before and after 1 March 2020

A meeting from the Kuwaiti Cabinet regarding the plan to return to normal life

The Cabinet approves exemption of commercial tenants from rent for 3 months

Kuwait.. Urgent from the Ministry of the Interior regarding return to work

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The date of isolating Farwaniya, Jleeb and Mahboula

Urgent statement from the Kuwaiti Cabinet

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