Civil aviation decision to seize arrivals from banned countries in Kuwait

The Cabinet announces the priority of return of 10 categories of expatriates to Kuwait

National carriers operate weekly flights to 203 destinations and launch flights to Cairo, starting from 24 September

Adding 3 new countries to the list of countries prohibited from entering Kuwait

Abu Dhabi International Airport launches passenger travel facilities

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid approves a number of new government appointments

Kuwaiti Civil Aviation requests reducing the quarantine to 7 days

Kuwait reveals the operational plan to return commercial flights

World Tourism Day : Tourism returns to Dubai for hospitality and safety

Health announces : No change in quarantine period for those coming to Kuwait

Allowing entry for residents through Ras Al Khaimah International Airport

Temporarily suspending travel to destinations that negatively affect national efforts

Civil Aviation denies opening direct flights with banned countries

Residents' transit.. Astronomical prices prevented citizens from visiting Dubai

A statement from the Kuwaiti Civil Aviation to re-enter the arrivals from the banned countries

A move by the Civil Aviation Authority against 10 travel and tourism offices

10 violating travel and tourism offices in Kuwait

Kuwait.. Civil Aviation action against 10 travel and tourism offices

Pakistan issues new air travel warnings

The return of expatriates to Kuwait

House of Representatives discuss amendment of the civil aviation law and submit 3 proposals willingly

Civil Aviation : Fine and fine of 19 airlines and travel and tourism offices

Gulf Air resumes direct flights to Casablanca

Civil Aviation announces that the airport will operate 24 hours, starting from March 17, and allow hand luggage to be taken on board