Abu Dhabi Police impose a heavy fine for this violation

Etihad Airways resumes flights to Rabat and Casablanca

Emergencies and Crises announce new procedures for entering Abu Dhabi

Scholarships for children of workers in the first line of defense in the health sector

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi launches new flights to Cairo

Abu Dhabi International Airport launches passenger travel facilities

Registration is now open to receive Corona vaccine

Abu Dhabi Police warns of the dangers of supplying vehicles

Abu Dhabi Police publishes a fine for children sitting in the front seats of a vehicle

Dubai records 29 traffic accidents due to fog

Statement of emergency and crises regarding entry and exit procedures to Abu Dhabi

100% E-learning for Abu Dhabi students in grade 6 and above

Abu Dhabi announces a new traffic law

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Abu Dhabi Police warns motorists not to tamper with vehicle number plates

Private school teachers in Abu Dhabi are subjected to a Corona test every two weeks

Abu Dhabi Police warns motorists against paying traffic fines or book the vehicle

Mohammed bin Rashid mourns the loyal son of the Emirates

Etihad Airways offers 50 kg of free baggage allowance on India and Pakistan flights

Air Arabia announces free global coverage of Covid-19

New traffic law in Abu Dhabi with fines of up to 50,000 dirhams

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed is touring the Al Hudayriat project in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Police install stickers on the windshield of cars