businessman resident in Dubai offers free accommodation for unemployed residents
businessman resident in Dubai offers free accommodation for unemployed residents

A Pakistani businessman has applied for citizenship from Dubai to offer free temporary residence options to those who have no roof over their heads during these times.

Ali Rao, CEO of Rao Holdings LLC in Dubai, offers free shared accommodation for the unemployed and unemployed workers who have no place to stay.

Rao currently has a capacity of 100 residence options he wishes to offer to those who cannot afford to rent the house.

Rao said:

"We have already put 25 of these men into these housing options scattered across the Al Quoz, Jebel Ali and Al Muhaisnah areas of Dubai."

Commenting on the reason for launching the initiative, Rao said: "If you put yourself in their shoes, we can't spend a night in the garden, also in the summer. This thinking has inspired me a lot to take on this program for workers."

He said: "One of our companies - the property management division - deals with industrial housing. We decided to make good use of this space when I came across media articles that highlighted the plight of these homeless." Most of the men are from countries in Africa, including Ghana, and a few Indian and Pakistani citizens have benefited from the RAW housing initiative.

He added: "In one unit, we provide them with food, the other unit, social workers and their associated charities deliver food." The residence is for men only, not for women and families. "A lot are looking for jobs, so they needed Wi-Fi. I went to the camps today and set up a Wi-Fi connection. Someone wanted to eat eggs, so we got some eggs and rice. These are simple things most of us say this is vital, but this is Is vital for many people. "

Since most of the population is looking to return to their home countries, Rao is going to provide them with airline tickets.