A woman was killed, then the killer left her in the hospital
A woman was killed, then the killer left her in the hospital

On Tuesday, Farah Akbar, a Kuwaiti, was murdered by a man with whom she had previously filed two cases for kidnapping and attempted murder.


The perpetrator, Fahd Subhi Muhammad, collided with a Akbar car, kidnapped her and her daughters (who were with her in the car) and stabbed Akbar in front of her daughter in the chest, then took her body to the hospital and fled.

Video footage showed members of a Akbar family crying outside the hospital, screaming:
"This is what we get! We told you he would kill her and now he will kill my sister."

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that Muhammad had confessed to the killing and was arrested. Akbar's lawyer, Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan, publicly stated that the killer was not married and had never married Akbar and warned against circulating incorrect news.

Dana Akbar, the victim's sister, shared a video on social media explaining that she had filed two cases against the perpetrator on two separate occasions, and both times he was released on bail. She added that she had warned the public prosecutor several times that the man posed a serious threat to her family.