Important.. 3 diseases come without symptoms and "kill silently"
Important.. 3 diseases come without symptoms and "kill silently"

Most diseases appear with a range of symptoms that alert you to infection, which causes him to go directly to the doctor and try to treat them.

But there are diseases that eliminate the patient without symptoms, which is why we call them the "silent killer."


High blood pressure is the "silent killer" that kills the patient with little symptoms, and the patient can only know it when the reading of his blood pressure reaches 140/90 mmHg or higher.

Blood pressure already damages the heart, arteries and other organs, and when left for a long time undiagnosed, it leads to a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, eye damage or heart failure.

Lung cancer

One of the biggest causes of death among cancer patients is 25% of deaths among cancer patients, as symptoms do not appear during the early stages, so smokers over the age of 55 are advised to perform a ct lung scan annually, so that they get an early diagnosis that may prevent death, according to HealthSight.

Silent Sight Thief

This is called glaucoma, a major cause of "blindness" in people over 60, a group of eye diseases that can damage the optic nerve and lead to vision loss.

This is why it is recommended to have comprehensive annual eye examinations, so that your ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist can detect the disease before you lose vision.