Parliament Speaker
Parliament Speaker

Parliament Speaker Fawzia Zainal raised the parliament’s session for this week after about 9 hours of continuous work, after a busy schedule with items, and interrupted the session four times to perform the prayer, as it was raised for the noon, afternoon, sunset and dinner prayers. ...


The session witnessed the discussion of many items, as only 20 articles of the draft law on the environment were discussed, and the rest of the law was transferred to the next session.

The Council voted to form the specific committees: Human Rights, Women and Children, Youth and Sports, and the Human Rights Committee.

The council also set up two investigation committees on medical services and the second on pension funds.
The Council also voted on two law proposals to amend the Companies Law and the Private Labor Law, while discussion of the antiquities law amendment was postponed for four weeks for further study.
The council passed a package of proposals willingly.
Immediately after the adjournment of the session, the deputies proceeded to select a chairperson and vice president for the quality committees.