Exempting tenants from rent
Exempting tenants from rent

In light of the current conditions experienced by the Arab Gulf states, the Middle East and all countries of the world from the outbreak of the new Corona virus (COFED 19), many preventive measures and precautions were taken to prevent the spread of the virus and to preserve public health and safety.

Kuwait took important decisions, including disrupting all public and private schools, disrupting government departments, the economy and the private sector were also affected greatly, and all employees were affected by it, so it took measures to reduce the number of employees and reduce salaries.

A large group of workers, especially expatriates, were affected by the companies ’early-leave policy or salary cuts on all workers, so it became difficult for them to pay exorbitant rents or continue their lives normally.

Several companies have started implementing initiatives to exempt tenants from paying rent due for a number of months ahead.

Where United Projects Company for Air Services "Ubak", the company specialized in real estate and commercial facilities management, announced that all tenants were exempted from the rent for a period of 4 months at the Discovery Complex.

The company has indicated that it launched this initiative to provide support to the affected small and medium-sized companies as well as to help groups who are unable to pay and support them during the difficult current period that everyone is going through.