imprison for violating UAE labor law
imprison for violating UAE labor law

As part of the ongoing campaign to promote a culture of legal work, the Federal Public Prosecution of the UAE shared a video on Twitter confirming that employees who intentionally decide to leave work for an illegal purpose will be punished.


The UAE Public Prosecution is sharing a video clip on Article 231 of the Federal Penal Code

The video aims to increase awareness of ethical labor laws and thus help reduce the percentage of violations resulting from ignorance of the law.

The video shared on Twitter refers to Article 231 of the Federal Criminal Code, that leaving at least three public officials to work collectively or one of their duties to achieve an illegal purpose is a crime.

Every employee is punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than 6 months and not more than a year, where the imprisonment is for leaving a job or duties that affect the health or security of people, or affect other public services of public benefit.