80% completion of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Street expansion project to 5 lanes in both directions
80% completion of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Street expansion project to 5 lanes in both directions

Assistant Undersecretary for Roads at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, Eng. Hoda Abdullah Fakhro, stated that the completion rate in the expansion works of Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Street in both directions in the section between its intersection with Sheikh Isa bin Salman Street and its intersection with Budaiya Street reached 80%, where work is ongoing. At an accelerated pace, in preparation for the opening of the expansion at the end of this year. ...


The Assistant Undersecretary for Roads added that the expansion works include adding two lanes in each direction with a total length of approximately 3 km, and the ministry aims, through the expansion work, to increase the capacity of the street and to achieve the flow of traffic, reduce the density of traffic congestion and raise the level of traffic safety.

The expansion also includes the construction of concrete barriers on the central island in order to raise the level of traffic safety on this main street according to the approved specifications, and the length of the concrete barriers on it is approximately 9 km. Besides establishing a network to drain rain water, improving the level of illumination.

Engineer Hoda Fakhro indicated that work is currently underway on asphalting street paths, which requires the paths to be closed in stages, most of which will be during weekends due to the lack of traffic compared to weekdays, and the Ministry's ability to cooperate in this with the competent authorities, especially the Public Administration Traffic to contribute to mitigating the impact of the closure on the traffic movement, in addition to the cooperation and patience of road users during the implementation of the project and their following of diversions and traffic instructions.

Fakhro added that the traffic flow on the street is expected to increase to 14,500 vehicles per hour during peak hours, and the waiting time will decrease by approximately 30%, as the current traffic volume is 173,000 vehicles per day (in both directions), and 11,000 vehicles per hour. In both directions, peak times.