video calls
video calls

In March, the authority, in coordination with telecom operators, announced that many applications are available free of charge.


On Wednesday, members of the Federal National Council asked the telecommunications organization whether video call applications will remain free after the country overcomes the Corona pandemic.

However, no clear answer was provided because the "delegated" parties did not attend the meeting.

Aisha Al-Yateem, a member of the Federal National Council, asked questions of the TRA and Etisalat and du about the future of VoIP calls.

However, Etisalat and Du representatives did not attend the meeting and sent their apologies.

Representatives of the panel informed members that they are not the authority responsible for VoIP applications, and therefore are not the authorized body to answer the question.

In March, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority announced, in coordination with Emirati telecom operators, that many applications are available free of charge as school education on the Internet and home-based work have become available.

During the meeting, the Federal National Council's Technical Affairs, Energy and Mineral Resources Committee presented to the Council a report that showed numbers related to Emiratis and expatriates in Etisalat and du from 2017 to 2019 and the report indicated that companies have 5,338 employees, of whom 1,787 were Emiratis.

The report pointed out that the number of expatriate employees in companies is twice the number of Emiratis.