WhatsApp launches the Shop Worldwide button
WhatsApp launches the Shop Worldwide button

Facebook on Tuesday created a new button to Shop for WhatsApp LIVE globally, including in India, to help people check available products and make purchases directly from the chat.


The tool will make it easier for people to discover the business catalog so they know the goods or services it offers.

Previously, people had to click on a company profile to see if the company had a catalog.

The company said, "Now, when someone sees the shopping button, which looks like a storefront icon, they know instantly that the business has a catalog so they can browse products and start a conversation about an item they see with just one click."

This will also make it easier for companies to discover their products, which may help increase sales.

More than 175 million people text a WhatsApp Business account daily, and over 40 million people view the business catalog every month - including more than three million in India.

According to a recent survey, 76 percent of adults in India said "I am more likely to do business / purchase from a company I can contact by correspondence than from a company that I cannot".

The new shopping button is now available worldwide and will replace the voice call button.

To find the voice call button, just tap the call button to select either an audio call or a video call.

The company said last month: "In the future, we will make it possible to add items to the shopping cart and check-out, all within WhatsApp."

Facebook said it will finally start charging companies that use WhatsApp for Business, as it has expanded methods for its users to check available products and make purchases directly from the chat.

About 50 million companies send messages to a WhatsApp Business account every day, and the move will help WhatsApp continue to build a company of its own while providing and expanding free end-to-end encrypted text, video, and voice calls to more than two billion people.