Important warnings regarding travel
Important warnings regarding travel

As of 23 June, UAE residents will be allowed to travel abroad, according to new guidelines released this week.

UAE closed its borders to international travel in March as a precaution to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The country is now preparing to reopen its borders to those who wish to return, as well as to those who wish to travel to low-risk destinations.

Here is all you need to know if you are planning to travel in or outside the UAE in the near future.

What criteria do travelers need to meet in order to travel outside the Emirates?

* All citizens and residents traveling outside the Emirates will need to use the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to register for Twajudi.

* They must ensure that they meet all requirements of the destination they are traveling to, including pre-travel check-up, health insurance, stone commitment or tracking software / applications.

* They will also need to complete the Traveler Health Status Form.

* They should also adhere to all precautions at the airport, such as wearing masks and gloves and maintaining social distance.