Weather today
Weather today

The UAE authorities issued an important statement a little while ago to residents and citizens today, as the UAE National Meteorological Center issued today dusty weather and warned of the lack of visibility in front of drivers and drivers of vehicles in Dubai and Sharjah.


The National Meteorological Center revealed the dusty weather today in Dubai and Sharjah, which reduced visibility in front of drivers and drivers of vehicles on the roads.

The National Meteorological Center showed dusty weather and a lack of visibility significantly in parts of Dubai and Sharjah this afternoon, Tuesday.

The dust storm, which was seen in Al Nahda in Sharjah, Mirdif and Al Quoz in Dubai lasted for several locations for a few minutes before its demise.

According to the Emirati Weather Service, heavy dust was seen, followed by rain, in the Maliha and Al Suyuh areas of Sharjah, and successive warnings were issued to road drivers of adherence to legal speeds to avoid traffic accidents.