Warnings about fake job offers messages
Warnings about fake job offers messages

Abu Dhabi Police has issued a warning statement to all residents of residents and citizens who are looking for work under the current circumstances in which many expatriates have been terminated after the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic (Covid 19).

On Saturday, Abu Dhabi police warned residents not to warn of fake messages on social media, promising prizes and shopping discounts via WhatsApp messages and other online platforms.

Police said criminal gangs are distributing such fake messages that target members of an informal community through the use of advanced technology.

And if a UAE resident clicks on these messages and follows the instructions, the fraudsters will be able to compromise accounts and access other personal details.

Abu Dhabi Police are urging people to immediately report such incidents to the Police Command and Control Center 999, toll-free number 8002626 (AMAN2626), via text messages to 2828, or via email [email protected]