A warning statement from Kuwait regarding the cartoons offensive to the Messenger
A warning statement from Kuwait regarding the cartoons offensive to the Messenger

Kuwait confirmed that it is following with great dissatisfaction the continued publication of the cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, against the backdrop of statements by French President Emmanuel Macron regarding his country's adherence to the continued publication of cartoons.

In a statement, the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry announced its support for the statement of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which expresses the entire Islamic nation and the comprehensive contents it contained, rejecting those abuses and practices.
Kuwait warned against supporting and continuing these abuses, whether for all monotheistic religions or the messengers, peace be upon them, by some official political speeches, which ignite the spirit of hatred, hostility and violence and undermine the efforts made by the international community to eradicate them, and spread a culture of tolerance and peace among the peoples of the world, according to the statement.
In the same context, the Kuwaiti statement warned against continuing to support these abuses and discriminatory policies that link Islam with terrorism, because it represents "a falsification of reality and insults to the teachings of our tolerant Sharia rejecting terrorism, as well as the grave offense they represent to the feelings of Muslims around the world."
French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that his country "will not give up on drawings and caricatures, even if some retreat," announcing the honor of the murdered teacher, Samuel Bate, who showed his students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad days before his death.
Last Friday, a young Chechen attacked the French history professor in a suburb of Paris, and beheaded before the police shot him.
Against the background of Macron's statements, calls for boycotting French products were launched in a number of Arab countries, after the display of cartoons offensive to the Messenger, on the front of French hotels in the cities of Toulouse and Montpellier, in appreciation of the history teacher who was beheaded, Samuel Batey.
About 50 Kuwaiti cooperative societies announced the removal of all French products from their markets and branches. In protest against the cartoons of the Messenger.
A number of social media users in Kuwait demanded a halt to importing French goods and goods and removing them from the commercial markets.