Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior invites all residents to adhere to the following procedures and instructions to limit the spread of the Corona virus, as they are not exposed to legal issues.

In implementation of the decisions of the Coordination Committee chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander, First Deputy Prime Minister, may God protect him, and in line with the precautionary measures taken to contain the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and prevent its spread.
In order to prevent gatherings of more than five people in public places to protect society, the Ministry of Interior calls for the following matters to be taken into consideration:
- Going out of the house to move to work, buy medicines, go to hospitals, or buy the necessary living needs.
- Taking into account during the practice of sport on the public roads that they are individually or bilaterally, taking into account leaving enough distance between individuals, without taking children and young people.
Not to gather or sit in front of homes and on public roads for more than 5 people.
- Preventing gatherings in parks and public coasts.
- Commitment to preventive measures during family and social gatherings, including wedding and consolation occasions, and that funeral ceremonies for funerals are limited to relatives.
- Adherence to the instructions for social divergence in the queues, and making sure to leave a distance (not less than one meter) in shopping centers, public services, and waiting points for workers to and from their work sites, for example.
- Take advantage of the systems of requesting needs and home purchases through home delivery services.
The Ministry of the Interior stresses that all efforts and measures are taken to preserve the safety of citizens and residents, and that this matter can only be achieved with the cooperation and solidarity of all in adhering to these instructions and instructions issued in this regard, and that the Ministry is fully confident of the understanding of citizens and residents of these measures and their response to these instructions and advice, Which, God willing, will contribute to the success of the state's efforts to limit the spread of the Corona virus. May God protect Bahrain and its people from all evil and hatred.