Warning from Abu Dhabi Police
Warning from Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police issued new warnings about the dangers of leaving hand sanitizers in vehicles.

The policemen said that the hand sanitizers and gloves are flammable and if left in direct sunlight or placed inside the vehicles for a long time during hot weather, they could go on fire.

"The disinfectants contain a non-flammable alcoholic component and should not be left in the cars. People should exercise caution and adhere to fire safety requirements," the authorities said.

The warning follows the daily use of hand sanitizers by the majority of people in the country as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

"If the disinfectants are exposed to sunlight or high temperatures when they are left in the vehicles, this may cause an explosion and cause a fire," the police said.

The force also urged drivers not to completely close the car windows, especially when they are parked directly in the sun.

Motorists were also told not to leave other flammable materials, such as perfumes and lighters, in vehicles.

Police advised families not to approach open flames in the kitchen immediately after using hand sanitizers.

Residents were also ordered to avoid exposure to hand disinfectants and gloves, particularly in kitchens.

"Parents should educate children and other family members about the risks of disinfectants and how they should protect themselves while in the kitchen," the police said.

"The masks and gloves that have been used are contaminated and may lead to the spread of diseases," the police said, adding that people must have good behavior and avoid such bad behavior in order to protect the environment.

The officers said that people who are caught dumping garbage such as masks and gloves on the road will face a fine of 1,000 dirhams and six traffic points.