Visas to Kuwait for the Egyptians
Visas to Kuwait for the Egyptians

Despite the uproar caused by the residency trade and its worsening repercussions after the Corona crisis, and despite the angry reactions from the inflation of this file and the continuing expulsions, the brokers of the "merchants of merchants" still lay off and have fun in the Egyptian capital (Cairo), and publish announcements about the availability of "Visa" »For Kuwait after the Eid, as if nothing had happened, and it is strange that some recruitment offices began to receive those wishing to purchase residencies, to book in advance, pending the end of the crisis and the return to opening business.

There has been widespread advertisement and advertisements on social media, to delude the workers and deceive them that the job opportunities will be much greater than they were before.

Al-Qabas editor made several field trips to employment offices abroad, and asked her to help him in searching for a job in Kuwait. Many of the advertisements published on social media sites were communicated by «residence brokers», and conversations and correspondence with them were documented.

In the Ramses area, in central Cairo, recruitment company officials confirmed that residence dealers in Kuwait told them that they were prepared to bring in workers after the Eid holiday. Government restrictions to counter the Corona virus would ease, and government departments and flights would return.

The concerned authorities did not respond to the complaints, despite the publication of Al-Qabas, dozens of complaints and reports that I received through the "WhatsApp" against the traffickers and brokers who work in their interest, who traded in the sweat of the poor, broke the laws, practiced the monument and fraud, so the concerned authorities did not move to investigate these complaints. Al-Qabas confirms that it is fully prepared to cooperate with the competent authorities and deliver all the communications it received.