Urgent warning to all citizens and residents
Urgent warning to all citizens and residents

Dubai Police revealed the mechanism of the new patrols, which will be stationed in the residential residential areas, to monitor any violators, and a number of its members appeared on the flexible mechanisms, as they were stopping some passers-by, during the partial movement restriction period, from ten at night until six in the morning.


Dubai police began using a smart "scooter", within the periodicals concerned with monitoring violations of the restrictions of movement, or other violations identified by the state according to the national sterilization program, and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19).

The Dubai Police has set the fine for going out without justification or permission, at the time of restricting movement, at 1,000 dirhams, indicating that the driver can, if alone in the car, not wear the muzzle, but it is mandatory for everyone in other than that, i.e. if there are other people with him, explaining The fine for non-compliance is 1000 dirhams.

She pointed out that the distance of the physical distance should not be less than two meters between each person, and the necessity to follow the instructions explained when using public transportation, noting that there is a fine of 1000 dirhams also for violators, with the need to adhere to the number of three people in the private car and the fare with the exception of relatives from First degree, taking into account family bonding.

Regarding home visits, she stated that first and second degree relatives are allowed, provided that the number of people in the place does not exceed five, while avoiding visiting the elderly and chronic disease owners for their safety, stressing avoiding distributing meals to the family and neighbors.

She stressed the prevention of public and private gatherings, with a fine of 10,000 dirhams for the organizer, and 5,000 dirhams for everyone involved, stressing the need to take preventive measures during exercise.