Emir of Kuwait
Emir of Kuwait

According to social media platforms and websites, a clip of what they called "the will of the Emir of Kuwait" was circulated after the death of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, which was announced by the Amiri Diwan yesterday evening.

The will included a video clip of the late Emir of Kuwait, in which he advises his people and his loved ones
The late prince said in his old word:

 "See what is happening not far from us, and we praise God for the blessings of security, safety, stability, peace, tranquility, tranquility, prosperity, and a decent life that has bestowed upon us."
He added, "We call upon him, His Majesty, to preserve Kuwait, in its covenant, a house of security and safety, and to protect it and its people from all harm and harm."
It is worth noting that Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad assumed leadership of the Kuwaiti march and the reigns of government on June 29, 2006.