Urgent statement from the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait
Urgent statement from the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait

An urgent and important statement was issued to the sons of expatriates in Kuwait, in order to follow the following instructions....

A number of Egyptians in violation of the residence at the shelter center carried out a mass sit-in, as they did not return to their country.

Accordingly, the Egyptian embassy responded to them and promised them to take trips during the month of Ramadan to evacuate them to Egypt.

During Ramadan, EgyptAir made several flights to evacuate the violating Egyptians and deport them to Egypt.

Tomorrow, corresponding to the 21st of July, EgyptAir will operate the last flight of the violators of residence, which number about 300 people, from Kuwait Airport to Cairo Airport, and that the total of those who were transferred in coordination between the Egyptian embassy and the sister state of Kuwait will be 6,300 Egyptian citizens from the Egyptian community on board 36 flights Exceptional.