Resume travel to and from Italy
Resume travel to and from Italy

In the wake of the spread of the Corona virus at the global level, the Middle East and the Gulf states, the countries have taken two decisions to suspend aviation and close their airspace so that the virus can not be spread.

Italy was one of the most endemic countries in Corona, and it went through difficult stages, where more than 31600 Italians died due to infection of the new Corona virus.

It is the third largest number of deaths in a country in the world after the United States and Britain since the virus was discovered on 21 February.

Today, the Italian government announced the resumption of travel to and from the country from 3 June, and the Italian government will allow everyone to travel to and from it.

It also took a decision to open shops starting from 18 May , as well as a decision allowing movement of people within each region, i.e. abolishing the ban and it is clear that it begins to ease the procedures in successive steps and life returns to normal again.