Urgent circular from Ajman Human Resources
Urgent circular from Ajman Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources has issued a circular to all government agencies in the emirate regarding contact employees, in line with the efforts and measures taken at the national level, aimed at limiting the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).


The circular obliged the government agencies in which a case of contact appeared to take the measures that must be followed in relation to those in contact with a confirmed case inside the workplace, according to the medical procedure in force in the country, in addition to counting and following up all the employees of the government agency who had contact, and educating them about the symptoms of the disease, and what they should do if They develop symptoms.

The circular indicated that the employee should be subjected to sick leave in the event that a positive examination result appears, in accordance with the rules established for calculating sick leave outlined in the Human Resources Law and its executive regulations.

 In the event that the examination result is negative, the government agency must take the necessary measures, as it must apply remote work for employees from contact cases for a period of 14 days or any quarantine periods decided by the competent authorities in the country in the future, in the event that the job is able to work remotely .

As for the contact cases from inside the workplace in the event that the test result is negative, the employee is considered to be on special sick leave for suspicion that an employee has a contagious disease, in accordance with the provisions of Article (34/8) of Ajman Government's Human Resources Law if the job is not workable Remotely.
With regard to cases of contact with a person from outside work, the employee is considered one of the mixed cases on periodic leave or leave without pay in the absence of a leave balance, for a period of 14 days, or any periods of quarantine decided by the competent authorities in the country in the future, and that in If the job is not able to work remotely.