Updated list of isolation rules for traveling to India
Updated list of isolation rules for traveling to India

As more Indian citizens in the UAE and elsewhere travel to their country on short trips for personal and professional reasons, the Indian government has revised its quarantine regulations for international and domestic travelers. ...


From the UAE alone, an average of 4,000 passengers go to India every day, according to officials of the Indian Mission in Dubai.

Niraj Agarwal, Consul - Press, Media and Culture at the Consulate General of India in Dubai said: “On average, there are at least 4,000 passengers traveling to India every day. We are witnessing a similar movement from India to the United Arab Emirates. "

He added, "This may happen because air travel between these countries returns to normal and people travel not only for purposes of returning home, but also for short trips."

As of October 28, India's massive effort to repatriate refugees, the Vande Bharat Mission, has brought back 20.38 million Indians from around the world since its launch on May 6.

For those who are planning a short or long-term trip to India, here is the latest list of quarantine regulations for the states commonly traveled to in India, published by the Airports Authority of India on October 20.


Seven days of free governmental / institutional quarantine followed by home quarantine for asymptomatic travelers arriving at Jaya Airport. The category of exempted asymptomatic travelers according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is allowed home quarantine for 14 days.


International passengers who arrive with a negative RT-PCR test result will be exempt from institutional quarantine.

West Bengal

Only passengers who have tested negative for Covid-19 (RT-PCR test) 96 hours before the flight can take the flight. Test reports and undertakings must be uploaded in the format specified against each passenger in the portal www.newdelhiairport.in at least 24 hours before departure to the departure flight.

Upon arrival, the test and approval reports issued through the portal will be verified for each passenger. Passengers with a negative test report must undergo a 14-day home quarantine.

Madhya Pradesh

Institutional quarantine is not required, but all passengers are required to undergo a 14-day home quarantine. Passengers are expected to certify their health status through the Aarogya Setu mobile app or self-declaration form. A rapid antigen test is done at the airport.


Passengers who develop symptoms will be sent to the Covid Care Center according to guidelines from the state government. All arriving passengers must undergo a 14-day home quarantine. A rapid antigen test is mandatory for all arriving passengers. If the report is positive, the passengers will be sent to the COVID care center as per state government guidelines.


(Ahmedabad Airport)

Seven-day institutional quarantine for those without a valid negative RT-PCR test report. After seven days of institutional quarantine, they will be subject to home quarantine for a period of seven days.

Passengers are expected to certify their health status through the Aarogya Setu mobile app or self-declaration form. If a passenger develops symptoms upon arrival, the airline will direct them with their bags to a designated room. Those who land at Surat Airport are required to go through a 14-day home quarantine.


Seven-day institutional quarantine and seven-day home quarantine for those passengers who do not hold a valid negative RT-PCR test report. For those with a negative test report, only a 14-day home quarantine is required.


A seven-day institutional quarantine is mandatory for all passengers. Passengers who show symptoms should be isolated and taken to the nearest health facility. Travelers may seek an exemption from institutional quarantine by filing a negative Covid-19 report upon arrival. The test must be updated on www.newdelhiairport.in for consideration.

Jammu and Kashmir

Institutional quarantine does not apply. Home quarantine for 14 days for travelers who have a valid contact mobile phone number. For travelers who do not have a mobile phone number, a paid quarantine of 14 days or until their test comes back negative is recommended.

Business travelers who have a return ticket or a confirmed ticket within four days of their arrival and confirmed reservation are exempt from institutional quarantine.


To be exempt from institutional quarantine, passengers must present a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test. Passengers who have passed away in the family, seriously ill, or carry a home quarantine request, as well as parents who have children under the age of 10 years, can. The state government decides to exempt from home quarantine on the basis of a valid document provided by the traveler.