UAE police are stepping up inspections
UAE police are stepping up inspections

UAE police have taken more preventive measures and intensive measures to limit the spread of the begging phenomenon. Despite extensive inspections, begging activities are increasing in Sharjah as beggars are seen stopping pedestrians and car drivers and asking for money and not adhering to the mandatory Corona virus measures to wear masks and gloves.


"Beggars take advantage of the current global situation by spreading fabricated stories through social media, where they invent stories such as the inability to purchase medicines and ask you to pay the bus ticket to return to their place of residence or pay debts," said a senior Sharjah police official.

 The police urged the public not to respond to such activities from emails or on social media.

Colonel Ibrahim Al-Ajeel, Director of Criminal Investigation, said that a number of beggars interviewed by Sharjah police said they came to the country in November, and were asked to practice begging for six months in order to return home for a rich life

They were asked to continue their activities by fellow gangs as gangs provide beggars with visas, airline tickets, and even residency, for 80 percent of their daily earnings. "

He added that "the police started intensive search campaigns after receiving complaints about beggars who are disturbing their sad stories according to the police investigation, most of the beggars are brought to the country by Arab and Asian gangs."

Al-Aqeel Al-Ajeel said that the police launched a "Ramadan Safety" campaign to combat begging and limit the activities of street vendors and firework promoters, and urged people that such activities should be reported to 901 or 065943210 instead of sympathizing with them and warning the public against beggars.

Up to 242 beggars of various nationalities have been arrested by Dubai Police since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Colonel Al Shamsi also called on the public to stop assisting them with money. "The public should direct those who are experiencing severe distress through appropriate channels in order to obtain support from charities."

Colonel Al Shamsi also urged residents to report begging activities by calling 901 or through the "Police Police" feature of the Dubai Police application.