Tourism expert Riyadh Al-Faisal confirmed that the UAE is the best option for tourists looking for fun associated with security and safety, as well as excellence and efficiency in dealing with the developments of the Corona virus (Covid-19), according to preventive and precautionary measures that have gained global praise, which will serve the sector.

And the speed of its recovery from the repercussions of the pandemic and the return of its former gains as soon as possible.

Riyadh Al-Faisal identified several aspects that made the UAE an ideal tourist destination in light of the current circumstances, most notably the distinguished handling of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and the preventive and precautionary measures it imposed and contributed to reducing the impact of the pandemic, in addition to economic and political stability and the strategic location linking the East and the West. .

The aspects identified by Al-Faisal, which he considers a major driver for the return of the country's tourism activity, include the excellent connection with major international airlines and attractive promotions, the diversity of activities and shopping centers, the strong and supportive infrastructure for tourism, the quality of hotels and the wide accommodation options that suit various requests and budgets, and the various packages of events. And activities that meet the needs of all age groups.

He mentioned that the tourism diversity of the Emirates is unique, as it is characterized by the beauty of deserts, oases, mountains, valleys and plains, beaches, shopping centers, water parks, parks and public parks, high-rise buildings, and distinct city centers, as well as religious and cultural tolerance, which distinguishes it from Others, as the UAE embraces 202 nationalities from various religious and cultural backgrounds who live on its soil in harmony and love.

He pointed out that the UAE, thanks to its distinguished organization of various sports, social, artistic and cultural events, international film festivals, and annual events, has become a global destination for tourists from all over the world.