Housing allowance for residents
Housing allowance for residents

The employer is obliged to pay housing allowance and other allowances to residents except for the basic salary until they leave the country or until they find a new job in the United Arab Emirates.

In accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 279 of 2020 (regarding the stability of employment in private sector institutions during the application of precautionary measures to control the outbreak of the new Corona virus) regarding termination of employee service due to the prevailing situation "Covid 19".

The law states:
“The institutions affected by the precautionary measures referred to, which have a surplus of non-citizen employees authorized to work, must register their data in a virtual labor market system to enable their rotation according to the needs of other institutions, provided that their obligations to these employees remain the same in terms of housing and meet all their entitlements (Excluding wages) until they leave the country or obtain a work permit for another institution. "

Moreover, the employer may not be in a position to deduct any of the end-of-service benefits if he has paid the costs of accommodation and daily expenses in order to travel to India.

All companies affected by precautionary measures must register the information of their excess employees in the virtual labor market so that they can be recruited by other companies based on the needs of the labor market.