3 months deadline
3 months deadline

On Tuesday evening, a three-month grace period beginning May 18 has been announced for violators of the Residence Law to leave the country.

Violators of residency will also be exempt from fines, including residents who have exceeded the period of residency after the expiration of their residence visas, as well as visitors who exceed the visit visa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship organized an online briefing to inform the ambassadors and consuls accredited to the United Arab Emirates of the latest news on the period granted to residents and visitors.

Maj. Gen. Saeed Rakan Al-Rashidi, Director General of Foreign Affairs and Ports at the Authority, said that the coronavirus crisis contributed to restricting the movement of individuals to renew their residence visas. He said, "In light of these exceptional circumstances, a decision was taken to exempt all violators of residence and entry, provided that they wish to leave the country and return to their country."

Under the decree, all administrative fines for illegal residents and all those with an expired residence and visit visa will be waived.

This step includes residence offenders and those who have violated entry and visa permits, including fleeing from their sponsors, and violators of employment contracts and business cards if the violation occurred before March 1, 2020.

Major General Al-Rashidi said that violators will not benefit from these exemptions if they wish to change their status and remain in the Emirates.

The amnesty includes all residents and illegal visitors who wish to leave the country.

ID card fines and departure fees will be waived, as well as from revocation of permits and renewal of work permits.

Al-Rashidi said that these groups can re-enter the country if they obtain new work contracts.

A press conference will be held on Thursday to explain more about waiver and waivers.