New rules announced for Ras Al Khaimah
New rules announced for Ras Al Khaimah

On Sunday morning, Ras Al Khaimah Police announced new rules for driving licenses for all applicants, such as mandatory 15 training sessions.


Brigadier General Dr. Muhammad Saeed Al Hamidi, Director General of Central Operations at Ras Al Khaimah Police, said that the new rules are mandatory for all applicants for a driver's license.

He added, "This step aims to improve traffic safety in the emirate."

Brigadier General Al-Hamidi said that applicants for a driver's license will also need to clear the night training lessons.

He added, "Night training lessons are necessary before appearing for the test, which will help applicants learn how to drive safely after dark."

Shareef Al-Wakeel, who resides in the United Arab Emirates and who belongs to Egypt, praised the initiative of Ras Al Khaimah Police to implement 15 mandatory driving training lessons.

He said, "Some of the new drivers do not master all the skills necessary to take them on the roads of the United Arab Emirates, especially at night."

Mohammed Ibrahim, an Emirati citizen, suggested training lessons during the harsh winter weather.

"Drivers need to take training lessons during inclement weather in winter, as visibility is often low and roads are unstable due to rain," he said.

Abdullah Saleh, another Emirati citizen, said that some drivers can drive in their home countries.

However, the nature of roads and traffic rules differ from country to country. They should be aware of the UAE rules in an effort to ensure road safety. "

Ali Saeed, another Emirati, said: “Veteran drivers also need to undergo new training courses. It is a good idea to have their eyesight and safe driving checked regularly in Ras Al Khaimah and the rest of the UAE. ”