UAE celebrates the martyr's day today
UAE celebrates the martyr's day today

 Today, UAE commemorates the Martyr's Day, which falls on November 30 of each year, and this occasion celebrates the martyrs who sacrificed their lives while performing their national duties inside and outside the country.


On this day, the UAE remembers the heroics of its righteous sons who have spent dearly and precious in the elevation of the homeland and defended it with courage and courage and gave their lives for it, and that the sacrifices of the nation’s righteous martyrs with their precious souls will remain engraved in the pages and memory of the homeland and the conscience of the people of the Emirates.

Commemoration Day represents the values ​​of sacrifice, redemption, patriotism, loyalty, and rallying around the wise leadership that mocked everything, so that the UAE remains a symbol of tolerance, peace and humanity.

On “Martyr’s Day” we celebrate our glorified martyrs who recorded with their pure blood the history of the dear nation, and sacrificed their souls cheaply for the sake of the values ​​of dignity and justice, the victory of the weak and the relief of the distressed, sacrifice and redemption, carrying the Emirates in their pure hearts.

To the sky it tells about the greatness of the loyal men of this nation, the honorable martyrs who offered and were not empty, and they continued to present through the exploits of heroism and redemption that are represented today by the people of the Emirates generation after generation.