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The medicine was patented by the Ministry of Economy for an innovative and promising stem cell treatment for new infections of the Corona Virus / Covid-19 /. This treatment was developed by a team of doctors and researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center

Treatment was tried in the country in 73 cases, which recovered, and the result of the examination appeared negative after the introduction of treatment to the lungs by inhalation by a fine spray. Its therapeutic effect is assumed to be by regenerating the lung cells and modifying their immune response to prevent them from overreacting to the Covid-19 infection and causing more healthy cells to be damaged.

The treatment underwent and successfully passed the first stage of the clinical trials, which indicates its safety. None of the patients who received treatment reported any immediate side effects and no interactions were found with conventional treatment protocols for patients / Covid-19 /. Trials continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment and are expected to be completed within two weeks.

It should be noted that the treatment was provided to patients in conjunction with traditional medical intervention and will continue to be applied as an aid to the treatment protocols in place and not as a substitute for them.

This treatment, in addition to the medical measures taken, reflects the concerted efforts and commitment of the UAE government to end the epidemic of Covid-19. Non-drug interventions to prevent the spread of the virus, such as staying at home, social spacing, and infection prevention and control measures, remain essential to tackle the disease and its impact on the health care system.

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