Ministry of Human Resources
Ministry of Human Resources

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation said that the maximum work limit for a citizen graduate who is "under training" at private sector establishments is 18 months, while the minimum is six months, after which he obtains a job opportunity according to an official work contract that takes into account employment rights, or a certificate of completion of training, attached thereto. Evaluating the employer of the trainee.


The Ministry has set nine administrative and professional obligations to ensure the job rights of the citizen during the training period, most notably the provision of job description, identification of work fields and tasks, the development of the trainee professionally in the target sector, the provision of technical support in the areas of training and development, in addition to granting him a monthly bonus throughout the training period, weekly breaks and annual leave And health insurance.

In detail, the Ministry stated that it seeks to harmonize the requirements of the labor market (demand) with the outputs of higher education in the country (supply), and to achieve job integration among recent graduates in the targeted professions in various economic sectors, by launching a number of initiatives and integrated training and rehabilitation programs that are in line with With job requirements in the private sector, in a way that contributes to developing the specialized and behavioral competencies of graduates, and enhances the participation of national cadres in the private sector.

The Ministry affirmed, on its official electronic platform, that the training and qualification programs that it provides to national cadres, through the “Tawteen” portal, in cooperation with the private sector employers, achieve a large number of benefits and privileges for citizens looking for work, as they get an opportunity to know the job requirements, and build Their career path is in different economic sectors, and the programs contribute to the development of national skills and competencies in line with the requirements of the labor market, in addition to creating career paths that enhance the chances of those enrolled in training and recent graduates finding jobs.

She stated that the training programs aim to give the establishments the opportunity to closely identify the capabilities, talents and skills of the graduate, who qualify him for a permanent job opportunity, in addition to the privileges granted to him, including the integration or calculation of citizens who enroll in the vocational and job training programs in them within the established Emiratisation rates. And assisting them, through the Emiratisation Partners Club, in setting policies that stimulate the participation of national cadres in the private sector, while providing them with benefits and incentives, and holding periodic meetings with them, as they are supportive of the Emiratisation programs, confirming the provision of educational workshops and providing employers with CVs for citizens looking for work, Registered in the ministry's database, according to the required specializations.

She pointed out that the training programs, especially the “Experience” program for recent graduates, are aimed primarily at graduates citizens of the last three years of the training history who have obtained a diploma, higher diploma, bachelor’s, or any higher academic degree, provided that the applicant is not applying for training in a facility Especially if he has previously worked for more than one year.