12 violations of commercial establishments
12 violations of commercial establishments

Yesterday, Tuesday, Dubai Economy violated 12 commercial establishments in the emirate, including a bodybuilding gym, in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council, and sewing and embroidery shops, due to failure to take the necessary measures to combat the outbreak of the new Corona pandemic (Covid-19), which includes the need to observe physical distancing.


Dubai Economy also alerted 5 commercial establishments, including retail stores in commercial centers, not to put stickers on physical distancing, and employees not to wear masks.

The Dubai Economy said that the number of establishments that meet the conditions and precautionary measures yesterday reached about 767.

The inspection teams of the Department of Commercial Control in Dubai Economy have worked to communicate with shops and commercial establishments to spread awareness of the guidelines and protocols in force in the current period, in order to ensure the commitment of all, and not to be complacent or commit any negative practices that would endanger society in any way.

The Dubai Economy reported that the facilities that were violated yesterday included a gymnasium for the practice of bodybuilding in the Seventh Wadi Al-Safa area, facilities in the Rashidiya area, and sewing and embroidery shops for not adhering to the precautionary measures that include physical spacing, and other shops were advised of the necessity to put stickers of physical distancing that Aiming to reduce the spread of the virus.

Dubai Economy campaigns come within the framework of its plan to implement a series of monitoring rounds through field inspection teams of the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector, which target a number of open markets and commercial centers in the emirate, to ensure that everyone adheres to the precautionary measures, calling on various groups of society to cooperate and contribute to reporting For commercial establishments violations, via the "Dubai Consumer" app, by calling 600545555 or via the consumerrights.ae website.