evacuate indians
evacuate indians

Jazeera Airways in Kuwait made two trips to evacuate violators of the residence law and expelled from the Indian community to their country, carrying 290 passengers to the airports of Kerala and Cochin.

Coordination took place between the Kuwaiti and Indian authorities to start evacuating the Indian expatriates within 12 days, and they started yesterday on the first two evacuation flights.

Previously, there was great panic among Indians over India’s delay in operating flights to evacuate them, as they remained in shelters for more than a month and a half after they settled their conditions according to the initiative to amend the situation for violating expatriates, where their violations were settled without paying any fines and they could return again when the Corona pandemic ended.

The Indians expressed their gratitude to the Kuwaiti government for the efforts, good hospitality and good treatment at the accommodation.

And it is allocated 3 trips daily to take them to their country and it is mentioned that the number of Indian violators exceeds 42 thousand, but those who benefited from the amnesty period and the decision of the Ministry of Interior do not exceed 6 thousand.