Travelers to India can avoid paid quarantine
Travelers to India can avoid paid quarantine

Passengers may get a seven-day mandatory institutional stone waiver by submitting a negative Covid-19 test report on arrival.


According to the revised Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Guidelines on Sunday, the test had to be taken no more than 96 hours before the flight was conducted.

The revised guidelines will enter into force on August 8.

"The test report must be uploaded to the portal ( for consideration. Each passenger must also submit an announcement regarding the validity of the report and will be responsible for criminal prosecution, if found otherwise. The test report can be said and the ministry said in the revised guidelines." It will also be produced upon arrival at the airport of point of entry to India. "

A note on the document notes that countries can develop their own protocol "regarding quarantine and isolation according to their assessment after passenger arrives."

Other tips:

> All travelers must submit a self-declaration form on the portal ( at least 72 hours before scheduled travel.

> They must also make a pledge on the portal that they will be subject to mandatory quarantine for 14 days - seven days of institutionalized quarantine paid at their own expense, followed by seven days of isolation at home with "self-monitoring of health".

> Domestic quarantine may only be allowed for 14 days "for compelling reasons / cases of human anguish" such as pregnancy and death in the family, serious illness and parent (parents) with children aged 10 years or less

> If travelers wish to request such an exemption, they must apply to the online portal ( at least 72 hours before boarding. The decision taken by the government as stated in the online portal will be final.