An expatriate had a stroke at Dubai airport
An expatriate had a stroke at Dubai airport

Indian expat Mahmoud Kanherakandil was waiting for his flight home at Dubai International Airport in September - when he had a stroke. Two and a half months later, he is finally able to board a plane bound for Kerala, but paralyzed lying on a stretcher. ...


His son-in-law Muhammad Ashraf said that Mahmoud, who is a salesman in a supermarket in Dubai, worked hard amid the pandemic so he could be with his wife and two daughters on his annual leave. He was supposed to go home to help his daughter get admitted to college.

Ashraf, who works in a supermarket in Sharjah, said, "We were shocked when we learned that he fell at the airport while waiting to board the plane."

Just a day after suffering a stroke, Mahmoud and his family's colleagues realized that he was unable to board a plane.

According to medical reports issued by the Dubai Health Authority, he had a "non-traumatic hemorrhage" in the right side of his brain. He found he had a history of headache, dizziness, and weakness on the left side of his body.

The report said: "He was found to be suffering from high blood pressure and his CT scan showed bleeding in the brain."

Ashraf said that Mahmoud was suffering from some blood pressure problems and was taking medication for this condition. "He had a mild stroke a few years ago and was treated for it and he was supposed to undergo medical checks every six months. He was supposed to be in Kerala in November this year."

Ashraf said Mahmoud is currently in a state of paralysis. "We have consulted the doctors at the cooperative hospital in Mahmood village and intend to take him there as soon as we reach Kerala state."

Receive help

Nasir Vatanapalli, a volunteer social worker at the Consulate General of India (CGI) in Dubai, said he learned of Mahmoud's condition from the diplomatic mission. The consulate provided the expatriate with mobile tickets.

“We are grateful to Rashid Hospital in Dubai for supporting us with its treatment and care as well as the medical committee that facilitated his departure from Dubai,” said Niraj Agarwal, Consul for Press, Media and Culture at CGI Dubai.