Traffic toll gates in Abu Dhabi
Traffic toll gates in Abu Dhabi

On Saturday, it was announced that more than 70,000 residents had registered and activated their accounts in the Abu Dhabi toll gate system.

The Integrated Transport Center in Abu Dhabi has taken to Twitter to thank motorists for registering with the Darb system.

The traffic toll gate system will be activated from January 2, 2021.

“We invite everyone to create their accounts and register through or download the DARB application,” the International Trade Center tweeted.

Motorists will be charged a fee of 4 dirhams as they pass through the four bridges in Abu Dhabi during peak hours from 7am to 9am and from 5pm to 7pm.

The toll gates are located on the bridges of Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Khalifa, Al Maqtaa and Mussafah.

Accounts can be created as individuals and organizations. Motorists can either register with the system or activate their pre-registered accounts.

The registration fee for the Darb account is 100 dirhams per vehicle, of which 50 dirhams will be credited as a balance in the registered account. The ITC urged motorists to ensure that their accounts are activated and that all of their cars are duly registered, with sufficient wallet balance, in order to avoid fines.