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The spokesperson for the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Brigadier General Khamis Al-Kaabi, expected that tourist visa services will be available nationwide in the near future.

As it is expected to gradually enter and enter into force in line with the degree of progress and improvement in the file to combat "Corona" and coexist with this virus.

On the existence of a list of safe countries that individuals can visit at the present time, Al-Kaabi advised individuals not to travel under these circumstances and this exceptional year except for necessity, pointing out that the list of countries is related to the degree of risk and the extent of the virus spread in it and it is a variable subject to updating periodically and is related to the size of the risks that can be That individuals are exposed to.

Regarding the nature of the procedures for returning residents residing abroad to the country, Al-Kaabi explained that before coming, they must meet the condition of examining Covid 19, and there are accredited centers in some countries, and applying for a return request through the Authority's smart system.

In a related context, Al-Kaabi stressed the resumption of the procedures that were in place before the application of precautionary measures, including the renewal of identity and residency cards, pointing out that the medical examination is a prerequisite for renewing the residence of expatriates in the state, and the examination centers have completed their preparations to receive the auditors, to fulfill this condition of Conditions for renewing residency.

Al-Kaabi called on individuals to take advantage of the smart services provided by the authority and service centers, completed their preparations to receive the auditors, and took all preventive measures to ensure the safety of their presence in the center.