Top 5 jobs in UAE
Top 5 jobs in UAE

It has listed the UAE's five best jobs during these difficult times, s study on LinkedIn, the world's largest career network.

While the economic impact of coronavirus is affected in various industries in the United Arab Emirates, these roles experienced the highest increase in employment applications between March and April 2020.

To help people looking for work, LinkedIn has also analyzed the skills needed for each of these roles and the industries that recruit them.

The five most important roles, skills and industries in the United Arab Emirates:

1. Call Center Agent

Required skills: customer satisfaction, teamwork, and customer experience
Industries recruitment: software and IT services, retail, finance.

2. Compliance Manager

Required Skills: Anti-Money Laundering, KYC, Regulatory Compliance
Industries recruitment: transportation and logistics, finance, consumer goods.

3. Partnerships Manager

Skills required: business development, strategic partnerships, and team management
Employment of industries: public administration, software, information technology services and health care.

4. Customer service executive

Required Skills: Customer Satisfaction, Team Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Recruiting industries: transportation, logistics, software, IT services and consumer goods

5. Chief of Operations

Required skills: Operations Management, Team Management, Project Planning
Recruiting industries: finance, consumer goods, software, and IT services