Emirates flights
Emirates flights

Aviation sources said that private flights coming from the Emirates are expected to start this week, but only after receiving the approvals.



Despite easing restrictions on international flights in Pakistan on Saturday, stranded Pakistanis are still waiting for tickets to be available as airlines have not yet received approval for private flights.

Aviation sources said that more private flights from the Emirates and other Gulf countries are expected to start this week, but only after receiving approvals from the authorities.

Air Pakistan sources said that "no additional special flight to Pakistan from the Emirates was planned, despite the relaxation of restrictions imposed by Islamabad. The airlines have not yet complied with the standards for operating these special flights under the standard operating procedures of Pakistan and other countries." Bay Times on Saturday.

Five special flights are scheduled for Saturday, according to the schedule announced by the Ministry of Pakistanis Abroad and Human Resources Development. Pakistan International Airlines is scheduled to leave for Karachi, Peshawar and Faisalabad, while two Emirati airlines are scheduled to travel to Islamabad and Karachi.

"It is a welcome move that Pakistan has opened its airspace, but other countries still impose restrictions on international flights. There will be a gradual resumption of flights to Pakistan, and airlines may take two days to announce their flight schedules," officials said.

More than 80,000 Pakistanis stranded in the UAE have registered to return home to diplomatic missions.

When it was announced that international aviation operations would resume, the Pakistani Ministry of Overseas and Human Resources Development in Pakistan confirmed that travelers would be able to purchase tickets directly from airlines and no longer wait for a call from the consulate and embassy.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said Saturday that his country is ready to receive more of its citizens back home, stressing that his government will help return refugees "in all ways."

Initially, "international flights from the Gulf states will operate, and at a later stage, other airlines will be allowed to return stranded Pakistanis through regular aviation operations," sources in the Pakistani aviation industry said.

"All standard operating procedures should be mandatory for all airlines," the Civil Aviation Authority said in a tweet late on Friday.