ultimate guide to what is now open in UAE
ultimate guide to what is now open in UAE

The emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah have provided an update on open facilities that are not part of a nationwide effort to reduce the spread of corona virus.

Abu Dhabi: open spaces

- Government and private sector offices - Abu Dhabi Airport - Sports fields - Sports activities
Restaurants - salon

Only partially opened places:

- Malls - Hotels - Gyms and beaches

Indoor places:

- public places - cultural centers - places of worship - museums - gardens - gyms - cinemas - public beaches

Dubai: open spaces

- Shopping malls - Restaurants and cafes - Movie theaters - Hotels - Major beaches
- Swimming pools in hotels, health clubs and apartment buildings - the main parks
- Gyms - Governmental and private hospitals - Clinics, including those that offer alternative forms of treatment - Salons and barber salons - Metro, buses, shipping, and trams.

Entertainment: Dubai tire, ice rink, karting, museums, green planet, dolphinarium, ski Dubai, ponds, outdoor shows

Indoor places:

- Airport (partial resumption) - Mosques, churches and temples - Implementation of all educational centers with distance learning - No water slides and horseback riding in swimming pools - Parks and corridor areas - Animal meeting activities - Family business events and group gatherings

Sharjah: open places:

- Shopping centers - Malls - Rolla and Al Ghuwair markets - All types of shops and auto workshops - Restaurants - Pharmacies - Private clinics and hospitals - Government service centers operating with a capacity of 30%

Indoor places:

- Beaches - Gardens - Movie theaters - Gyms - Education institutes - Children's playgrounds in shopping centers and other entertainment areas for children