fine installment service
fine installment service

The Federal Public Prosecution stated that it provides the service of requesting the installment of the fine imposed by a criminal court through its website and the smart application.


She indicated through her official account on the "Twitter" website that the service procedures include submitting an application submitted by the convicted person or his agent to install the fine, and that the term does not exceed two years, and attaching evidence of the applicant's inability to pay, such as an account statement or a statement of commercial licenses, and from Then the response is approved or rejected.

The Public Prosecution indicated that if the request for corruption is approved, the value of the installment, the time period for payment, and the precautionary measures to ensure payment are determined.

The prosecution stated that it provides many services through its website and smart application, including the service of requesting the issuance of a certificate to whom it may concern.

The Public Prosecution also provides a waiver attachment request service, through which it allows the right holder in the case to attach a waiver through the website and the smart application by submitting the following documents, the creation of a request to attach the assignment and the assignment deed, a waiver documented with the just clerk, and presenting the assignment to the specialist.